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Financial Aid

The financial aid program at Francis Parker School is guided by our belief that parents have an obligation to pay the educational expenses of their children to the extent that they are able.
In an effort to promote access for students who will benefit from an outstanding college-preparatory education and whose contribution in and outside of the classroom will enrich the Parker community, Francis Parker School provides financial aid to qualified families.

Francis Parker School’s financial aid policies reflect standards of equity and fairness and embrace Francis Parker School’s ongoing commitment to access, affordability, and socio-economic diversity.

Tuition Assistance and Instructions
Financial Assistance Guidelines

Tuition Assistance and Instructions

See Instructions for Applying for Financial Aid
(Includes a list of required tax forms and documents.)

  • Financial aid awards are for families with demonstrated financial need. In determining the appropriate amount of a financial aid award, the committee will take into account the following criteria including, but not limited to:
  • School and Student Services (SSS) application 
  • Copies of your recent tax returns. (See the instructions above.)
  • Extraordinary or unique financial circumstances
  • Francis Parker School adheres to local, state, and federal laws and regulations that require non-discriminatory practice in the administration of its financial aid policies.

  • Francis Parker School endeavors to meet the financial needs of its applicants dependent on funds available and the number of requests. All information provided to the Francis Parker School Financial Aid Committee is treated with the strictest confidence.

  • A financial aid award will be considered only after a current and complete application for financial aid is on file.

  • Financial aid awards are determined on an annual basis. Each financial aid family must reapply annually.

  • Francis Parker School will ordinarily not make full financial aid awards for tuition and fees. Francis Parker School believes that every family will demonstrate their commitment to their child’s education by making some contribution to the cost of the education.

  • Francis Parker School reserves the right to withdraw any offer or award of financial aid if it is determined that the application is incomplete, false, or includes misleading information.

  • Financial aid awards will not be made if the account carries an unresolved past due balance. In the event where a financial aid award is made and the account of the previous year is delinquent, Francis Parker School reserves the right to withdraw the financial aid offer.

  • In the case of a separated or divorced family, absent compelling circumstances, the school will require both parents to complete all of the requirements for applying for financial aid.

  • Francis Parker School expects that all students will in all matters of academic, social and extracurricular life perform to the best of their abilities, and Francis Parker School will not subsidize sub-standard performance or lack of commitment to the life of the School.

  • In the review of financial aid applications, the committee differentiates between necessary expenses and money spent for lifestyle choices. With respect to the latter, beyond a certain point, Francis Parker School will not provide aid to offset “lifestyle” expenditures that could have been directed to education.

  • Francis Parker School makes and communicates financial aid decisions in a manner that allows families to make timely, careful, and fully-informed enrollment decisions.

Financial Assistance Guidelines 2014-2015 Academic Year

  1. Francis Parker School (Parker) provides financial assistance to families who cannot afford the full cost of attending Parker.
  2. All families with current and prospective Parker students are eligible to apply for financial assistance.
  3. To be considered for financial assistance, families are required to submit financial information on an annual basis to School & Student Services (SSS), an objective third party financial needs assessment service offered through the National Association of Independent Schools.
  4. Financial information submitted by families via SSS is compiled and reviewed by a member of Parker’s staff to be presented to Parker’s Financial Assistance Committee (FAC).  All financial information is maintained securely, held in confidence, and used solely for the purpose of making financial assistance award decisions. 
  5. The FAC consists of the following members: (1) Director of Admissions (Chair); (2) Head of School; (3) Head of Finance and Operations; and (4) a designated Faculty Administrator.  The Faculty Administrator is appointed by the Chair of the FAC with approval from the Head of School to serve a term of no more than three (3) years. To be eligible for appointment, the Faculty Administrator may not have a child attending Parker during his or her term.  
  6. The FAC is responsible for allocating financial assistance in a fair, consistent, and confidential manner based on demonstrated financial need.  In addition, the FAC is responsible for ensuring financial assistance is allocated in an equitable manner to both current and new families. 
  7. The FAC uses the financial information provided by families via SSS to determine eligibility for financial assistance awards.   However, other factors, including the number of requests for financial assistance and the amount available for financial assistance (in Parker’s approved operating budget), are taken into consideration by the FAC when determining the actual amount of financial assistance being awarded to families. 
  8. Academic performance is not considered by the FAC in determining financial assistance awards unless an admitted student falls below the level consistent with good standing. 
  9. Financial assistance awards are intended to supplement the cost of both tuition and other fees or expenses associated with attending Parker, provided such fees or expenses are integral to the program or curriculum being offered by Parker.  Examples of qualifying non-tuition related fees or expenses contemplated as part of financial assistance awards include:
    • Transportation
    • Books
    • Tablet computers (if required for the program being offered by Parker)
    • 8th Grade Discovery Week
    • One domestic or international trip during the four years of Upper School
    • Interim classes
    • Travel expenses related to mandatory academic competitions
    • Learning Center fees (if recommended by the Head of the Division in consultation with the Director of the Learning Center)
    • Summer School programs (if necessary to fulfill Parker’s academic requirements)
  10. Financial assistance awards are not intended to supplement the cost of extracurricular or optional programs offered by Parker. (1)  Examples of non-tuition related fees or expenses not contemplated as part of financial assistance awards include:
    • Clubs and similar after-school activities
    • Uniforms and clothing
    • AP exam fees
    • ACT, SAT or other test preparation services
    • ACT or SAT exam fees
    • Application fees for colleges or universities
    • Learning Center (unless recommended by the Head of the Division in consultation with the Director of the Learning Center)
    • Summer School programs (unless necessary to fulfill Parker’s academic requirements)
      (1) Parker may, on a case-by-case basis, provide financial assistance to supplement the cost of extracurricular or optional programs.  However, such assistance is reserved for extraordinary circumstances.   
  11. The amount of financial assistance for qualifying non-tuition related fees or expenses is proportional to the amount of financial assistance being provided for tuition – for example, if a family receives financial assistance equal to 50 percent of the cost of tuition, then 50 percent of any qualifying non-tuition related fees or expenses is covered.

Request More Information

For more information or to apply for financial aid, please contact:

Judy Conner
Director of Admission
Phone: 858-569-7900

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