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Global awareness and cultural understanding has never been more important in preparing students as they enter colleges and careers. As the world becomes more connected and more interdependent, Parker equips our students to be active citizens wherever they go.

The world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever.

At Parker, we know that our students must develop a global perspective so that they have the capacity to understand how their interactions affect those around them. The awareness of other cultures is the first step to defusing future conflict and allowing students to assume goodwill. A global education opens our students’ eyes to the complex interplay between different societies and enables them to appreciate and understand different cultures.

At Parker we believe that a student who is globally competent should:

  • understand community
  • make connections between local and global community
  • know geography (people and places)
  • be open to other cultures
  • be able to communicate in another language
  • have knowledge of current events
  • have the ability to problem solve
Upper School students in Cambodia


The opportunity to reach beyond borders and become global citizens starts in the Lower School with foreign language classes with Spanish offered in JK and Mandarin or Spanish offered in all later Lower School grades.

Lower School student council leaders fundraise to purchase school supplies later donated to children in countries visited by Parker Middle and Upper School students during Discovery Week and Global Studies trips.

In the spring, Lower School celebrates Language & Culture Week, where friends of Parker share their globally-diverse backgrounds through cultural performances, interactive lessons, and even an international food festival.


Discovery Week is a weeklong experiential learning opportunity that is a culminating event for the eighth grade program and a capstone for our Middle School experience.

During Discovery Week, students travel to a variety of locations where they participate in programs that foster development of self-reliance and cultural awareness, enhance language skills and historical knowledge and provide opportunities for students to make real world connections to what they have studied. Preparation begins within advisory and language classes in the months prior to traveling, and students process their experiences each evening while travelling through a series of journaling activities.

Discovery Week is an integral part of the global curriculum in the eighth grade, and is incorporated into the curriculum in multiple ways including in language classes, in two Global Awareness Days during the year, and in advisory.


Costa Rica



New Zealand


The opportunity to reach beyond borders and become global citizens starts in the Upper School with required world language classes (Spanish, Mandarin, or French).

Each year, Parker Upper School students are also able to participate in unique, educational travel opportunities that take them to a variety of international destinations where they engage in extended exchange programs with overseas communities. The Global Studies program is designed to provide students with a variety of opportunities to experience other cultures and societies in unique ways that move beyond conventional sightseeing vacations and travel tours.

Our 14-day programs are thematically based to provide an array of experiential learning opportunities in dynamic regions of the world. Each itinerary centers around the goals of sustainable cultural exchange, global engagement, educational travel, and student leadership.




The Balkans


South Africa