Arts at Lower School

Instruction in the arts is woven into the daily curriculum at Lower School. Students experiment with a variety of art forms, including choral and instrumental music, drama, and visual arts to uncover their interests and talents while developing their creative skills.

Students use art as a unique form of learning that allows the opportunity to envision, set goals, determine methods, identify alternatives, evaluate, revise, solve problems, imagine, work collaboratively, and apply self-discipline.

Each grade level holds annual performances—plays and concerts—giving students an opportunity to develop public speaking skills, confidence and unleash their creativity.

Beginning in Junior Kindergarten, students are given hands-on experience with the artistic process through design and creation. Student's creative muscles are flexed to allow them to think creatively and experience the process of innovation. 

Music performances give students the opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learned. Music at Lower School begins at the JK level with wonderful seasonal performances throughout the school year. When students enter 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, they expand their choral music experience to learn recorders, band instruments, and violin. Annual performances include Grandparents’ Day Concerts, the Thanksgiving Concert, the Holiday Sing-Along, Spring Concert and more. 

Every year, Grade 1 through 5 students present theater productions for Parker parents that reflect topics they are learning in the literature or social studies curricula. Traditional performances include the Grade 1 play, "Fairy Tale Forest," Grade 2 play, "Coming to America,” and the Grade 5 play, "Keepers of the Earth." Students are given the chance to learn lines, cues and blocking and incorporate music and choreography. There are roles for every student in the class, and often the opportunity to assist with set design and playwriting.

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  • Music

    Classes begin in Junior Kindergarten with wonderful choral performances
    throughout the school year.

    Students in Grades 3 to 5 expand their music skills by learning to play
    recorders, band instruments and violin. Seasonal performances include Grandparents Day Concerts, the Thanksgiving Concert, the Holiday Sing-Along, the Spring and Summer concerts.
  • Theater

    Annually, students in Grades 1 to 5 stage delightful shows for Parker parents. These productions reflect what the students are learning in the literature and/ or social studies curricula. Past performances include the Grade 1 play ˝Fairy Tale Forest,˝ Grade 2 play ˝Coming to America,˝ a Grade 3 play based on the American Government, Grade 4 play ˝Oh California!˝ and the Grade 5 play ˝Keepers of the Earth.˝ Students have the opportunity to learn lines, cues and blocking as well as incorporate music and choreography. There are roles and opportunities for every member of the class and the students have even taken on the design, writing and production of their original plays.
  • Visual Arts

    Using a variety of media, students are introduced to the elements of color, texture, design, patterns and techniques by creating their own art. As they become visually literate, students critically assess and communicate the aesthetic value of works of art from historical and cultural perspectives.
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