The science department focuses on the development of skills associated with scientific inquiry. These skills are taught through each of the grade level contents. Whether it is earth, life or physical science, we weave the skills associated with inquiry into the curriculum so that our students will be able to begin to understand how our world works and begin to see the relationship between classroom science and making personal decisions about solving real world problems.

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  • What a Grade 8 student will know and be able to do in science:

    • Students will be able to use lab equipment safely and appropriately to solve problems, collect data in the metric system and analyzing that data.
    • Students will be able to approach a problem using the steps of the scientific method on their way to becoming critical and independent thinkers. Students need to be objective in recognizing patterns and interpreting their data.
    • Students will be able to communicate their ideas using proper scientific language and terms. This includes the use of scientific journals and lab reports.
    • Students will be able to work collaboratively with peers on group projects, presentations and laboratory experiments.
    • Students will begin to understand the interconnections of all areas of science with each other and with other disciplines. They will begin to see the connection between society and their role within their community.

Science Curriculum by Grade

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  • Grade 6

    Earth Science
    Grade 6 students pursue a course that emphasizes discovery of the environment. Topics include astronomy, geology, meteorology and physical oceanography with relevant laboratory and field experiences. Class activities heighten critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies. The overall goal is to produce lifelong learners of science. A unit is presented on the inventing process and students will create an invention. They will discuss health and personal development issues appropriate to their age throughout the year.
  • Grade 7

    Life Science
    Grade 7 students explore the concepts of cells, heredity, the change of life over time, diversity of living things, ecology and the human body. Activities throughout the year emphasize the development of skills in observation, critical thinking, scientific investigation and cooperation. Through the use of laboratory investigations, field investigation and the use of the school’s technology resources, the students learn to collect, analyze and communicate their findings. Students have the opportunity to use their deductive reasoning and scientific inquiry skills to solve a real-life science crime scene investigation.
  • Grade 8

    Physical Science
    Grade 8 students explore the concepts of matter, energy, chemical interactions, motion, forces, acids and bases, and simple machines. The course content emphasizes the process of doing science through rigorous investigation of scientific principles, intensive laboratory work, class discussions, individual and group projects. Science Challenge Day, in the spring, provides Grade 8 students the opportunity to apply many of the concepts learned throughout the year in a culminating activity. Students apply their problem-solving skills and creativity as they compete in events ranging from mousetrap cars to water rockets. Through out this course students will make connections between the science concepts learned in the classroom and how they relate to real-world issues.
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