Simplify your morning and afternoon routine by using Parker's bus service. Stops are conveniently located across San Diego County. Our service makes it a breeze to get to and from school.

Why Take the Bus?

It’s Safe — According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are about 20 times more likely to arrive safely at school taking the bus compared to being driven by a parent. Additionally, each of the buses in Parker's new fleet is equipped with the latest safety features, including well-padded high-back seats and a 3-point lap/shoulder seat belt for each rider, and all drivers undergo comprehensive safety certification training/testing.

Go Green
 — Riding a bus is a simple but effective method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve traffic congestion. According to the American School Bus Council, one school bus will typically take 36 cars off the road. Plus Parker's new fleet of buses not only meet but also exceed new bus emission regulations that took effect in 2010.

Parker Transportation Services

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  • Areas Served

    Carmel Valley
    Del Mar/Encinitas
    East Lake/Proctor Valley
    Rancho Bernardo/Scripps Poway Pkwy
    La Jolla (south)/Pacific Beach
    La Jolla (north)/University City
    La Mesa/Lake Helix
    Point Loma
  • Shuttle Between Campuses

    Francis Parker School provides morning, afternoon, and evening shuttle service between our Mission Hills (Lower School) and Linda Vista (Middle and Upper School) Campuses.

    There is no additional cost for our Campus Shuttle Service.

    Morning Shuttle:
    Lower School to Middle/Upper Schools: departs M, T, Th, Fri at 7:20 am, and daily at 7:45 am, 8:00 am.

    Middle/Upper Schools to Lower School: Monday - Friday departs 7:30 am & 7:40 am

    Lower School students should wait by the Upper School Viterbi Science Center.
    Lower school students who miss the 7:40 am bus departure from the Upper/Middle School are the responsibility of the driving adult.You will be asked to return and pick up the student should they miss the bus.

    Afternoon Shuttle:
    Middle School to Lower School: 1st shuttle Monday-Friday departs 3:00 pm

    Middle/Upper Schools to Lower School: Monday - Friday departs 3:10 pm

    Lower School to Middle/Upper Schools: Monday - Friday departs 3:30 pm

    Lower School students must be signed-up with their teacher and with the Lower School office.

    Evening Shuttle:
    Middle/Upper Schools to Lower School: Monday-Friday departs 5:15 pm

    Students board in the west parking lot at the Viterbi Science Center.

    Lower School to Middle/Upper Schools: Monday-Friday departs 5:30 pm
  • Late Bus - North County Coastal

    Lower School
    • 5:30 pm - Students exit through the main office.
    Middle/Upper School
    • 5:45 pm - Students board the bus at the Viterbi Science Center sidewalk in the Faculty/Staff parking lot.
    Stop Points/Times
    1. 6:20 pm - Del Mar Heights & El Camino Real. (Del Mar Highlands Town Center)
    2. 6:30 pm - Solana Santa Fe School, 6570 El Apajo, Rancho Santa Fe
    3. 6:40 pm - 17008 Avenida de Acacias, Rancho Santa Fe
    The Late Bus annual fee, if not already contracted for daily service, is $1,000 per student, $1,700 per family. We do not support occasional bus rider passes.
  • Late Bus - North County Inland

    Lower School
    • 5:30 pm - Students exit through the main office.
    Middle/Upper School
    • 5:45 pm - Students board the bus at the Viterbi Science Center sidewalk in the Faculty/Staff parking lot.
    Stop Points/Times
    1. 6:10 pm - Scripps Highland Dr., on the north side of Scripps Poway Pkwy (restaurant/hotel side)
    2. 6:20 pm - Iberia Place, on the north side of Bernardo Center Dr. (cul-du-sac)
    The Late Bus annual fee, if not already contracted for daily service is $1,000 per student, $1,700 per family. We do not support occasional bus rider passes.

Bus Safety and Rules of Conduct

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  • Bus Rider Rules of Conduct

    Information to Parents and Students (39831.5 EC)

    1. The driver has complete authority on the bus from the moment it leaves the school until it returns. Respect for the driver is expected.

    2. No eating or drinking (other than water) is allowed on the bus.

    3. The driver may, at any time, arrange the seating of students and assign seats.

    4. No student is permitted on board any Parker vehicle unless the driver is present.

    5. Students will be expected to follow Parker's 4 Basic Bus Safety Rules:

    ➢ Sit properly and face forward—Students are required to remain seated while the bus is in motion and refrain from obstructing aisles with their legs or feet, with books or backpacks, etc.

    ➢ Wear the shoulder/seat belt in the approved manner whenever the bus is in motion.

    ➢ Keep hands, feet & personal items confined to oneself—Respect for the rights and property of other students, as well as for school property, is expected. Students may not put any part of their body out of the window at any time. Windows may be opened only half way.

    ➢ Talk quietly—Shouting out the window, throwing objects in or out of the bus, and excessive noise within the bus are not permitted.

    6. Profanity is prohibited at all times, in all forms.

    7. Students must refrain from sitting in the driver's seat, tampering with bus controls and equipment (including unauthorized opening or closing of bus doors), tampering with emergency exits, and committing any act that might endanger other people.

    8. The bus will not stop at any point other than scheduled stops to load or discharge students. If a student misses the bus at their assigned stop, they may meet it at the next scheduled stop.

    9. Upper and Middle School students riding home must ride only their assigned bus to the Lower School campus in the afternoon. Students will not be dismissed from the bus at the Lower School for any reason, such as to get a drink or to use the restroom.

    10. Students will be discharged from the bus only at their designated stop unless prior permission and arrangements have been made through the Director of Transportation. This includes friends occasionally riding home with daily bus riders.

    11. When a student is required to board from the left-hand side of the street, s/he may do so only when the roadway is clear and only after the driver has activated the red crossing flashers and signaled to the student(s) to cross.

    12. Students are required to be on site 5 minutes prior to their published pickup time and at the proper place for boarding the bus. The responsible driver retrieving a Lower School student (grades JK thru 5th) in the afternoon shall be at the drop-off point 5 minutes before the published stop time.

    13. The bus is to be kept clean—a trash receptacle is provided.

    14. No animals (fish, snails, birds, etc.), caged or otherwise, may be transported on the bus.

    15. The seating capacity is regulated by California law. At no time will the driver permit more than the lawful passenger capacity.
  • Walking, Boarding and Departure Procedures

    Walking to and from the bus stop
    Stay away from the street, watch traffic, keep a safe distance from strangers, never run after the bus.

    • Be at your bus stop 5 minutes early & form a line facing the direction of the approaching bus.
    • Wait back at least 12 feet from the edge of the road; keep your hands & feet to yourself.
    • Approach the bus when you see the door open, that is your signal that the bus has come to a complete stop.
    • Get on the bus in an orderly manner, refrain from pushing or shoving, use the handrail & take your seat. You are not permitted to change seats unless the driver has given his/her permission. The driver may assign seats at any time.
    • Wait until the door opens to get up from your seat, that is your signal.
    • Get off the bus in an orderly manner using the handrail.
    • Immediately walk away from the Danger Zone (12 feet to the side of the bus).
    • You are required to unload only at your designated stop unless prior written permission from a parent has been obtained.
  • Cross-over Escorted (JK-Grade 8)

    The driver must be in the center of the street, holding a hand-held stop sign, & the red cross-over lights must be activated before you cross. The driver will instruct you. Look out for traffic.

    You will be instructed by the driver when to stand and file off the bus.
    Wait on the sidewalk 10 feet in front of the bus until the driver tells you to cross. Look out for traffic in both directions.
  • Cross-over Unescorted (Grades 9-12)

    The red cross-over lights must be activated & the driver must signal to you before you cross. Make sure to look out for traffic in both directions.

    After the driver has opened the door, wait on the sidewalk 10 feet in front of the bus until the driver has activated the red cross-over lights & given the signal to cross.  Make sure to look out for traffic in both directions until safely across.
  • Transportation Safety Plan

    Information for parents and students (39831.3EC)

    1. Crossing stops

    Pupils attending the Lower and Middle Schools (Junior Kindergarten through 8th grades inclusive), needing to cross the street on which the bus is stopped, shall be provided escort service at those locations where traffic is not controlled by a traffic officer or official traffic control signal.
    Stop point addresses, including door-to-door stops, are listed on the route manifest. Odd numbered street addresses are located on the south or east side of the street; even numbered street addresses are on the north or west side of the street.
    Bus drivers shall review pupil addresses on the manifest in relation to the students assigned designated stops to ascertain if escort service is necessary.
    Bus drivers shall ask occasional riders not listed on the route manifest if they must cross the street on which the bus is stopped to reach their destination.

    2. Manifest stops

    Pupils shall be instructed to be at the bus stop 5 minutes early and stand in an orderly manner facing the direction of the approaching bus at least 6 feet from the edge of the road.
    Pupils shall be instructed to approach the bus when the door opens, in an orderly manner, refraining from pushing, shoving, physical playing or rough contact.
    Pupils shall be instructed to leave their assigned bus at the school bus stop in an orderly manner and immediately move away from the bus out of the danger zones.

    3. School and Trip stops

    Pupils shall board or exit their assigned bus at school or other trip destination in an orderly manner refraining from pushing, shoving, physical playing or rough contact.
    School personnel are responsible for monitoring the conduct of students boarding at the school or trip site. Students will congregate in an area away from the stopped bus. When the group is assembled and ready to approach the bus, the bus driver will activate the red flashing lights until all students have boarded.
    When the group is ready to exit the bus, the driver will activate the red flashing lights when it is safe. They will remain activated until all students have cleared the danger zone.
  • Bus Driver Qualifications

    In addition to being courteous and professional, all of Parker's drivers are also fully qualified and licensed. School bus drivers are required by law to receive more training than any other driver in the United States. They receive training in first aid, student management, safe-driving practices and drug/alcohol detection.

    School bus drivers receive extensive original training (20 hours of classroom & 20 hours behind-the wheel, minimum) as well as continuous training. All drivers must pass two written tests (including first aid) and a driving test administered by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). To keep his or her certificate current, each driver must also complete a minimum of ten (10) safety and training hours each year. These are taught in Parker's facility by specialists. In addition, each driver is required to undergo and pass a complete physical examination every year.

    CHP Standards
    California law is rigorous in its requirements for school bus drivers, and all Parker drivers are carefully selected to meet CHP standards. A commercial driver's license with a passenger endorsement and a School Bus Certificate issued by the CHP are required of each driver. By law, a driver’s background is checked by the Department of Justice and/or the FBI prior to receiving their School Bus Certificate. The Department of Motor Vehicles regularly issues driver record reports, and a review is sent out immediately if any activity appears on a Parker driver's license.
  • Bus Maintenance and Inspection

    Regular Bus Maintenance
    Each summer, every bus in our fleet is put into the garage for a full scale maintenance check out.

    Regular maintenance inspections during the school year are conducted every 45 days or 3000 miles (whichever comes first!). Hoses, belts, tires, wheels, steering, suspension and brakes, on each bus, are checked routinely for wear and proper adjustment. This is done by our highly skilled mechanic using the latest in diagnostic tools.

    Francis Parker School's buses are inspected annually by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), as required by law.

    Among other things, inspectors check for body rust, king pins, springs, brakes, proper lights and flashers. Certification is awarded when this inspection is satisfactorily completed. The California Highway Patrol, in addition, can make any number of surprise inspections of each bus during the year and is empowered to require that a bus be taken off the road immediately if it is found to be in violation of good working condition standards. Parker's buses are maintained at the highest level of satisfactory performance.

Parker Parent Transportation Information

To view the Parker Parent Transportation Resource Board, log into the Parent Portal and click on the "Ride the Bus!" icon.

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