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  • May

    Middle School students receive high marks in recent competitions

    Middle School students show their skills in recent competitions. The Quizbowl team competed in the Middle School National Championship Tournament hosted by NAQT (National Association of Quizbowl Tournaments) in Chicago. Out of the eight matches the team played, they achieved 4 wins and 4 losses, ranking them 103 out of 192 teams who competed.

    Middle School music students attended the Forum Music Festival in Fullerton. All groups received either a gold or silver rating with standout students Max Matys-Gleason, Class of 2024; Andrew Zhou, Class of 2023; and Ryan Fox, Class of 2023, all receiving Outstanding Musicianship Award. The complete music festival results are listed below. Congratulations to all!

    Grade 6 Band: Silver rating
    Max Matys-Gleason, Class of 2024-Outstanding Musicianship Award

    Grade 7 and 8 Band: Gold rating
    Andrew Zhou, Class of 2023-Outstanding Musicianship Award

    MS Chorus: Gold rating
    Alto Section-Outstanding Musicianship Award

    Grade 8: Classical Guitar Ensemble: Gold rating
    4th guitar section-Outstanding Musicianship Award

    MS Chamber Orchestra: Silver rating
    Bass section-Outstanding Musicianship Award

    MS Advanced Strings: Gold rating
    Ryan Fox, Class of 2023-Outstanding Musicianship Award
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  • Parker Students Rock the State History Day Competition and Move on to Nationals

    Congratulations to the 37 Parker students from the Middle and Upper Schools who represented San Diego County at the California National History Day in Rocklin, CA. The team had phenomenal success. In addition to other awards won this year, Elle Hansen, Class of 2019; Adam Nussbaum, Class of 2019; and Avi Waldman, Class of 2018, earned the Longevity Award for six or more years of participation at the State level. Zachary Braner, Class of 2019; Cleo Chaplin, Class of 2019; Vicky Comunale, Class of 2019; Davis Kedrosky, Class of 2019; Jeyan Kirtay, Class of 2019; and Adam Nussbaum, Class of 2019, advanced to the National Competition at the University of Maryland in June.

    Listed below are the students whose projects ranked in the top three in their preliminary heat at the state competition.

    JUNIOR DIVISION: Grades 6, 7, 8
    Finalist projects were among the top three in their preliminary heat.

    Toren Andersen, Class of 2022
    The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Precedent for the Utilization of Compromise
    Website Finalist

    Aadam Awad, Class of 2022
    A Futile Compromise: Redefining the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
    Historical Paper Finalist

    Jack Ducote, Class of 2023
    The Tip of the Iceberg: The Antarctic Treaty of 1959
    Exhibit Finalist

    Hayden Ghosh and Ari Mazow, Classes of 2022
    Prohibition in America: Tempering Temperance

    Jenna Kim, Class of 2022, and Sami Kim, Class of 2024
    Conflicts and Compromise in the Korean War
    Website Finalist

    Sanjana Kumar, Class of 2024
    Conflicting Views on Compromise: Churchill and the Appeasement

    Jefferson Smith, Class of 2022
    From Paranoia to Peace: Reagan, Gorbachev, and the End of the Cold War
    Documentary Finalist

    Natalia Wornovitzky, Class of 2023
    Puppets and Patriots: Conflict and Compromise in World War II France
    Historical Paper Finalist

    SENIOR DIVISION: Grades 9-12
    Finalist projects were among the top three in their preliminary heat.

    Elsa Baumgartner, Class of 2021; and Adelyn Phillips, Class of 2021
    A Wardrobe at War: Compromise in Fashion

    Zach Braner and Davis Kedrosky, Classes of 2019
    A City Divided: War, Secession, and the Forging of Roman Republicanism
    Website Winner

    Jacob Brittain, Class of 2019
    The Golden Age of Conflict and Compromise: Piracy in the Caribbean

    Liam Brownlie, Ian Lillie, and Ollie Pai, Class of 2021
    Stopping the Chain Reaction: The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

    Cleo Chaplin and Adam Nussbaum, Classes of 2019
    Berkeley on Strike: Shut it Down
    California Council for the Promotion of History Award
    Documentary Winner

    Maya Chu and Sonali Chu, Classes of 2019
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Costly Consequences of Failed Compromises
    Exhibit Third Place

    Victoria Comunale and Jeyan Kirtay, Classes of 2019
    The Smoke of War and the Mirrors of Versailles: An Appropriate Compromise to End the Great War
    Exhibit Winner

    Katharina Haas, Class of 2019
    Christmas Truce: Compromise in War

    Eleanor Hansen, Class of 2019
    Conflicting Morality: Operation Paperclip’s Compromise
    Documentary Finalist

    Cate Hasler, Class of 2020
    The Geneva Conventions of 1949: The Civilian Crisis

    Elias Jinich, Class of 2018; Gabriel Jinich, Class of 2020; Neusha Kharrati, Class of 2020; and Avi Waldman, Class of 2018
    Nixon and Brezhnev: Conflict and Compromise in The Nuclear Age
    Website Third Place

    Sahana Kumar, Class of 2019
    The Yalta Conference: Excessive Compromise Paving the Path to Increased Conflict
    Website Finalist

    Aadi Miglani, Class of 2020
    Conflicted Times and Shakespearean Compromise
    Performance Finalist

    Pallavi Murthy, Class of 2020
    Compromise to End Conflict: South Africa’s Transition to Democracy
    Historical Paper Finalist

    Emily Park, Class of 2019
    Flames of Conflict, Embers of Compromise: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
    Turning Points in History Award
    Exhibit Third Place

    Alex Tchang, Class of 2019
    North Korea: Redefining Compromise
    Historical Paper Finalist

    Luke Tchang, Class of 2019
    Deng Xiaoping: Balancing Development and Democracy
    Website Finalist
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  • February

    Grade 7 Students Spend the Day Making a Meaningful Difference in San Diego

    A big part of a Parker education is becoming a global citizen-one who can make meaningful connections between local and global communities. Middle School organizes three Grade 7 Community Awareness Days every year. Providing the students three opportunities to spend a day outside of the classroom to focus on giving back to their community.  

    On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Grade 7 students spent the day at seven organizations around San Diego. Activities included working with students at Empower Charter School and EES; ensuring a clean community at Canyonlands and We Love a Clean San Diego Adopt-a-Beach organization; learning about community services in the Linda Vista area; and helping at Feeding America, San Diego Food Bank, and the Potiker Senior Center.

    After each outing students get to debrief with their advisors and talk about what they learned and what it means to make a meaningful difference in your community.
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