Lancer Love Stories - Tessa Floodberg '05 and Nick LaPointe '05

Tessa Floodberg ʼ05 and Nick LaPointe ʼ05 were both new to Parker when they met in Grade 7, but they didn’t start hanging out until their junior year. Tessa was friends with Nick’s older brother, Matt LaPointe ’04, who was more outgoing and social than his younger brother. It was through Matt that she eventually started to notice the shy guy in the back of her class.

“I got to know Nick a little bit, and then he was in a bunch of my classes and I started seeing him as cute and quiet and adorable,” said Tessa.

The two started dating the summer before their senior year, just after Nick left Parker and enrolled at a charter school. It was the age of AOL Instant Messenger so before Nick left, Tessa asked for his screen name and the two kept in touch.

It didn’t take long for their love to bloom and despite being at different schools, the two dated all of senior year and nearly all of college. After 11 years of dating, Nick (finally) proposed on Easter Sunday in 2013.

“I was growing impatient,” said Tessa, who said she joked that Easter morning that “there better be a ring in one of those eggs.” There was.

During the egg hunt at her cousin Alli Wile Lundquist’s ’05 house, Tessa’s young nephew led her to a beautifully decorated egg. Her mother was filming the hunt to show Tessa’s father, who was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, but had no idea she was about to capture this special moment on camera.

Tessa opened the egg to find a ring box inside just as Nick got down on one knee to ask the love of his life to marry him. They showed the video to Tessa’s father later that day and started planning the wedding.

Tessa and Nick were married on May 23, 2015 at Green Gables in San Marcos. They have been together for almost 14 years and have known each other for nearly 18. They are expecting their first child this May, a more than perfect third anniversary present.

“Nick is the sweetest most genuine person I’ve ever met. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have met him at such a young age, to grow up together and fall in love and start a family. He’s my high school sweetheart and my soulmate. I don’t think I could live my life without him,” said Tessa.

Nick, who is much more reserved than his “social butterfly” wife, had no trouble opening up to say how incredible she is.

“Tessa is the most friendly, cheerful, trustworthy, thoughtful person I know and I would be by myself alone without her,” said Nick. “She’s brought out the best in me ... I can’t imagine being without her.”

Tessa now works as a speech pathologist in Del Mar and Nick works with his parents at the family’s pool company. They still get together with their Parker friends as often as possible, with Tessa acting as the unofficial reunion planner.

“I am ‘Parker Passion’ all the way. It’s just a part of me,” she said. Considering the impact the School has had on her life, it is no surprise she bleeds brown and gold.
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