Grade 8 to 9 Transition

List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How do I order books?

    In June, Parker will post a list of required books and materials on its website. You cannot purchase books directly from our website. Look for the “Required Materials” information at This list is meant to inform students about what they need for classes. Where appropriate, recommended sources for purchasing these publications (e.g., Amazon) will also be listed. If there are not "recommended sources" please feel free to purchase the materials from any vendor. If a teacher is not listed, then there are no required materials to purchase at that time.
  • Q. When do I register and for what do I register?

    Information about registration will be discussed during the registration meeting on May 4, 2016. For current Parker students English, Social Studies, Life Skills and Mathematics placements are selected for you by the School. Foreign Language placement is selected by the School, unless a student chooses to start a new language. There are three levels of science for freshmen:  Physics, Physics Advanced, and A.P. Physics 1. Six of the eight blocks are filled with Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Life Skills. Every student has one mandatory Study Hall period. This leaves one open period. A student may choose to take an Art, elective course, computer class or have a second Study Hall. Mr. Roudebush will send an email with the link for online registration. Students will register using a Google Form. Registration is due by May 9, 2016.
  • Q. When do fall sports begin?

    High School physicals will be offered on campus on August 1, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The cost is $20. Each student needs a physical to play a sport. Football will begin on August 1st. All other sports may begin as early as August 8th. If you are interested in playing a fall sport please contact the coach by the beginning of the summer. For the fall, every freshman is academically eligible to play a sport. After the first trimester, all co/extra-curricular activities are subject to the eligibility policies stated in the Handbook. Students receive a Handbook at the beginning of the school year.
  • Q. What supplies do I need for the first day of school?

    Each student is required to have a laptop at school every day. Students should also bring basic supplies (pen, pencil, and paper) and textbooks. Teachers will share any additional requirements on the first day of school.
  • Q. How do I purchase Dress Code items?

    Approved clothing and outerwear items may be purchased from Lands' End. The Parker Parents Association holds a used uniform sale in June. Parents check your student's resource board for additional details.
  • Q. Do I need a PE uniform for Life Skills?

    No. Students may wear modest workout clothes.
  • Q. Am I allowed to go off campus?

    Parker has a closed campus and freshmen may not go off campus during the day unless they are being picked up by a parent/guardian for an appointment or other personal matter. To leave campus during the school day, students must sign out with the Attendance Secretary, Dee Taylor, in the Upper School Office.
  • Q. How many Community Engagement hours do I need and when are they due?

    Freshmen must complete 20 hours. The hours are due in April. Each community engagement project must be approved prior to completion by Parker’s Director of Community Engagement, Kevin Dunn. Students may begin working on projects during the summer prior to freshman year.
  • Q. Can freshmen join clubs?

    Absolutely! All students may learn about clubs at the Clubs Fair in mid-September. Clubs meet during the school day. A student can sign up for multiple clubs.
  • Q. Who is the 9th Grade Dean?

    Carrie Dilmore (x4310 or is the Grade Level Dean for 9th grade. She supports the students and parents through the transition to the Upper School.
  • Q. Should I take summer school?What do I take? When do I register, etc.?

    Though graduation requirements can be met without taking a Summer School course, we offer robust programming in the summer. We encourage students to explore the summer options. Online registration for Summer School begins each March. Please contact the 9th Grade Class Dean, for information about summer choices.
  • Q. What is the summer reading requirement?

    Summer reading is posted for English and Social Studies classes on the Parker website by mid-June. For the Summer Reading list go to Students can purchase the books using an outside bookstore or vendor.
  • Q. When and how do I get my schedule?

    The School will notify students via email when the official schedules are available to view online.
  • Q. Can you tell me more about the Bring Your Own Device requirement?

    Each student will be required to bring a laptop to school. Important qualities include: long battery life (5-6 hours minimum, 8 recommended), lightweight and rugged, run full (desktop) versions of the Chrome browser and  a camera for conferencing and recording. Any laptop that meets these requirements will suffice. These three models are representative examples that would meet these criteria:
    Retail Cost
    Apple Macbook Air
    Inspiron 13 7000
    Win 8.1
    Dell Chromebook 11
    (Note: running Windows or OS X for students interested in the computer programming classes)
  • Q. What is the Gooding Family Academic Resource Center Center?

    The Gooding Family Academic Resource Center provides resources for all Parker students. Understanding and empowering the individual learner is the primary target for those who participate in the center. Working closely with the classroom teachers, the center programs support the understanding of how learning takes place and tailors skills and strategies to promote more effective learning. Students may enroll in the center during a Study Hall period. If a student is interested in working in the center s/he should indicate that in the “Anything else?” box on the registration form. In addition to the programs and services listed on the website, students, teachers, and parents are invited to consult with the center's staff at extension 4154, before the end of June.
  • Q. How do I sign up for bus transportation?

    Registration for the bus service by contacting Debbie Burzynski at for more information.
  • Q. How and when do I claim a locker?

    Freshmen may sign-up for a locker through a Google Doc the week before school begins (Tuesday-Friday). Each student should bring a lock to secure their items.
  • Q. What is the first event for all freshmen and their families?

    On the evening of August 31, 2016 the School hosts Orientation for all 9th graders and their families. For parents, we’ll have an informational session from 5:45-6:45. For students, there will be a lock-in from 6:00 p.m on August 31 to 3:00 p.m. on September 1. More information will be sent out to students regarding the lock-in.
Timeline of Events for 8th to 9th Transition

May 4, 2016
Registration information for 9th grade
May 9, 2016
On-line registration is due for 9th grade
June 20, 2016
Students should check Parker’s website for summer reading information
June 30, 2016
Students receive individual “approved courses” list from Paul Roudebush
early-August 2016
Each student’s individual class schedule available
August 31, 2016
11:00-1:00  Diversity on Parker’s Campus--student panel and lunch for all interested students of color
August 31, 2016
1:00-5:45 p.m. Orientation for New to Parker Students
August 31, 2016 to
September 1, 2016
5:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Overnight Orientation for all incoming 9th grade students
August 31, 2016
Orientation for parents
5:45-6:45 p.m. in Crivello Hall
September 6, 2016
First day of classes

Contact Information for Key Members of the Community

Director of Transportation, Debbie Burzynski
Simplify your morning and afternoon routine by using Parker's bus service. Stops are conveniently located across San Diego County. Our service makes it a breeze to get to and from school.
Go to, click on Campus Life then Transportation for more information.

Attendance Secretary, Dee Taylor (858-874-3379 or
Contact Ms. Taylor for all attendance issues. Please contact her before school if you are going to keep your child home due to illness. If your child is going to be late to school please contact Ms. Taylor immediately. In the event that a student must leave campus during the school day contact Ms. Taylor to inform her of the situation. All students must sign in/out with Ms. Taylor if arriving or leaving at unusual times. Please see the Handbook for information on extended absences.

Director of Community Service, Kevin Dunn (
The Community Service webpage is filled with information. If the student has additional questions, please have him/her contact Mr. Dunn. Each freshman must complete 20 hours of community service by April. Students should check the daily bulletin for information about upcoming projects. The students are encouraged to take ownership of the projects and the paperwork.

Department Heads

Interim Athletic Director, John Herman (

Director of Independent PE, Jim Tomey (

Francis Parker School’s Health Professionals
Nurse, Maggie West (

Psychologist, Dr. Bridgett Besinger (

Grade 9 Class Dean, Carrie Dilmore ( or x4310)

Assistant Head of the Upper School, Marc Thiebach (

Head of the Upper School, Monica Gillespie (
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