2018-2019 Parents Association Board of Directors

President Marilyn Tobin pa-president@francisparker.org
President-Elect Madeleine Nawrocki pa-presidentelect@francisparker.org
Secretary Miriam Leakamariam pa-secretary@francisparker.org
Treasurer Patty Williams pa-treasurer@francisparker.org
Lower School VPs Tara Del Gaizo and Shana Fink pa-vpls@francisparker.org
Middle School VPs Erin Dunn and Gloria Mayora-Meijia pa-vpms@francisparker.org
Upper School VPs Ceri Keith and Julie Garrie pa-vpus@francisparker.org
VP Communications Kim Kelley pa-communications@francisparker.org
VP Fundraising David Gray pa-fundraising@francisparker.org 
VP Parent Education Marshela Salgado pa-parented@francisparker.org
Immediate Past-President/Nominating Chair Donna Sheridan pa-nominating@francisparker.org


D.A.D.S. Christopher Scelfo, Dominic Chenelia, and Michael McCarron pa-dads@francisparker.org
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Marvin Gunn and Christen Hill pa-edi@francisparker.org
Erik Keskinen
Homecoming Day Linda Burritt pa-hcchair@francisparker.org
Social Media Administrator Marilyn Tobin pa-socialnet@francisparker.org
LS Book Fair Jennifer Irwin, Danielle Marcos, Priya Patel, and Drue Polakoff pa-bookfair@francisparker.org
LS Bulletin Boards Kimberly Belverud  
LS Courtesy Laura Drummond pa-courtesyls@francisparker.org
LS Halloween Carnival Erika Fetter and Liz Zborowski pa-halloween@francisparker.org
LS Homecoming Dede Bodnar pa-hcls@francisparker.org
LS JK Pancake Breakfast Gretchen Shaffer and Sarah Suiter pa-jkpancake@francisparker.org
LS Language and Culture Week Carolyn Apostolides and Angela Barnes pa-lcweek@francisparker.org
LS Welcome Committee Davidde Burkhart pa-welcomels@francisparker.org
LS Pet Day Ruth Ferreyra pa-petday@francisparker.org
LS Season of Giving Tammy Manse pa-seasonofgiving@francisparker.org
MS Courtesy Jane Kim pa-courtesyms@francisparker.org
MS Homecoming Jenn Brady pa-hcms@francisparker.org
MS Grade 6 Reps Hilit Edelstein and Nika Samimi pa-6thgradereps@francisparker.org
MS Grade 7 Reps Coco Bancroft and Anna Joslin pa-7thgradereps@francisparker.org
MS Grade 8 Reps Michelle Rogers and Aileen Fahme pa-8thgradereps@francisparker.org
US Grad Night Patty Williams pa-gradnight@francisparker.org
US Homecoming Dance Nancy Kaase pa-hcdance@francisparker.org
US Homecoming Day Linda Burritt
US Memory Project TBD pa-memoryproject@francisparker.org
US Grade 9 Reps Jennifer German, Wendy Gibson, and Soraya Bagheri pa-9thgradereps@francisparker.org
US Grade 10 Reps Beth Nelson and Briana Ruff pa-10thgradereps@francisparker.org
US Grade 11 Reps Nancy Kaase and Lisa Ferrari pa-11thgradereps@francisparker.org
US Grade 12 Reps Christine Trimble and Robin Seay pa-12thgradereps@francisparker.org
Francis Parker School is a private, independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 from across San Diego County. Founded in 1912, the Lower School is located on the Mission Hills Campus with the Upper and Middle Schools on the Linda Vista Campus. Parker's mission is to inspire a diverse community of independent thinkers whose academic excellence, global perspective and strength of character prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Mission Hills Campus Lower School

4201 Randolph Street
San Diego, CA 92103

Linda Vista Campus Middle/Upper School

6501 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111
858 / 569-7900