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Planned Gifts & Legacy

Planned Gifts 

Parker has always benefited from the loyalty and generosity of the people whose lives it has touched and transformed. Do you know how you can make a gift that will impact young lives for years to come?

A wide range of planned giving choices presents practical options for safeguarding your financial security, realizing tax advantages, and contributing to the School's financial well-being. Whether you want to put your donation to work immediately or design a plan that benefits our students after you're gone, you can feel good knowing that you are giving back to Parker. With just a little planning, you can honor the past and secure the future.

Through planned giving, you can select ways to give that help you meet your goals—and Parker’s. You can:

    • Earn income, pay fewer taxes, and secure your retirement
    • Enhance your net estate
    • Create a legacy
    • Be recognized for your generosity

Leave a Legacy

The Parker Legacy Club honors individuals and couples who have generously named Francis Parker School as a beneficiary in the following ways:

    • In their estate plans, such as a will, living trust, life insurance policy and/or retirement account.
    • In a planned gift such as a charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, life estate, donor advised fund, or charitable lead trust.

Since most of these generous gifts will be realized by Parker after the donor's lifetime, the Parker Legacy Club was created to thank donors for their intentions during their lifetime. Through planned giving, membership in Parker Legacy Club is based on a desire to leave a lasting legacy to benefit Parker. No minimum amount, age or formal documentation is required to become a member of Parker Legacy Club. However, if you would like to provide this documentation, please be assured that it will be kept confidential.

There are benefits of becoming a member of Parker Legacy Club, in addition to knowing that your intentions will help ensure Parker's future. Email or call the Advancement Office at the or 858-569-7900 to learn more.

Although many of our donors are modest about us publicly recognizing their current and future gifts, please understand that allowing us to include your name helps our fundraising efforts by encouraging others to follow by your example. View the members of Parker's Legacy Club below. 

Sample Bequest Language

If you would like to name Francis Parker School as a beneficiary of your will or estate plan, we recommend you work with an attorney. You can either establish a new will or trust, or create an amendment or codicil to an existing document. The following language is helpful in directing a future gift to Francis Parker School in San Diego, California:

A gift of a specific amount:

I give [$________] to Francis Parker School located in San Diego, California. The School is a California nonprofit corporation and its federal tax ID number is: 95-1696720.


A percentage of your total estate:

I give [ _______%] of my estate to Francis Parker School located in San Diego, California. The School is a California nonprofit corporation and its federal tax ID number is: 95-1696720.

Please contact the Advancement Office if you do wish to include Parker to your will or estate plan. We would like to recognize you the Legacy Club. Additionally, if you are restricting your future gift, we highly recommend you contact the Advancement Office so that we can determine if Parker will be able to fulfill your request. Email or call us at or 858-569-7900.

Want to Learn More?

Please contact the Advancement Office by email or phone at or 858-569-7900. If you wish to reach us by mail, send a notice with the following information:


Affiliation with Parker:

____ I have included Francis Parker School in my estate plans. Please recognize me as a member of Parker Legacy Club. (Please include your name as you wish to be listed as a member Parker Legacy Club or if you would prefer to be listed as anonymous.)

____ I would like to include Francis Parker School in my estate plans and I am interested in more information.

____ I would like to learn more about Parker's Planned Giving program. Please contact me.

AFP Donor Bill of Rights

Click here to learn more. 


Gift Acceptance Policy

For more information on Parker's Gift Acceptance Policy, click here

Planned Giving Newsletter 

Wish to receive more information about planned gift options at Parker? Sign-up for the annual Planned Giving Newsletter by emailing You'll find timely gift information and Legacy Club donor profiles in each issue.

Parker Legacy Club Members

Members of the Legacy Club play an integral role in securing Parker's future through planned gifts.
Legacy Club Members

The Anklesaria Family
Daniel '88 and Susan Frazee
Sammy Gross '71
Julie Johnson Iavelli '49
Gert* and Aline Koppel
Lawrence Leffler '80
Morton* and Betty Jean Lichtman
John and Carol Lindholm
Marc Matys and Robert Gleason
Timothy and Rhonda McIntire
Romeo and Mila* Quini
Deniis Ragen and Christine Hickman Ragen 
John '84 and Desiree Romero
Leslie and Marjorie* Rose
Dorothy Shumway
Mitch and Elizabeth Siegler
Jeff Silberman '75 and Karen Foster Silberman
Jim* and Reggie Smith
Sandra Snook
Michael and Catherine Thiemann
Anne Stephens Vafis '51
James and Kathy Waring

In Memoriam Members
Margaret Simison Calhoun '32
Esther E. Cleaves
Adele Rice Foster '23
Amelita Galli-Curci
Rosalind Harris '29
Bruce R. '32 and Mary Hazard
Helen-May Marcy Johnson
Ethel Mintzer Lichtman '40
Henry '29 and Ruth Lippitt
Mary C. Moore

* = deceased
(list updated 6/25/2020)

legacy member story
Many people have a long history with Francis Parker School. None however go back as far as Julie Johnson Iavelli '49.  Her grandparents, William Templeton Johnson and Clara Sturges Johnson founded the School in 1912.  Johnson attended the School intermittently through the 30’s and 40’s.
In the 1950’s, Grandmother Johnson gave Julie stocks.  Over the decades this gift increased significantly in value.  Knowing she would lose a large portion of her grandmother’s gift to capital gains taxes if she sold them, she was advised to create a charitable remainder trust. The trust sold the stocks tax-free and Julie received an immediate income tax deduction. She also receives an income stream from the trust throughout her lifetime.
In 2012, Julie established the Julie Johnson Iavelli Charitable Remainder Trust of which Francis Parker School is the sole remainder beneficiary.  When asked why she's chosen to leave a legacy to Parker in such a meaningful way she shared, “This just seemed like the right thing to do. Since my grandmother was inspired to start Parker, it just fit to give it back to Parker."