Register for Parker's Inter-Campus Shuttle

The form below to register for the Inter-Campus Shuttle. Please contact the Transportation Department by email at for more information.

There is no additional cost for our Inter-Campus Shuttle Service. This service is limited to Middle and Upper School students, and the children of faculty and staff. Faculty and staff should contact the Transportation Department for more information about their shuttle service, which is separate and differs from the details below. 

Shuttle Overview:

Morning Shuttle
There will be only one morning shuttle from the Mission Hills neighborhood to the Linda Vista Campus. The morning shuttle will pick up students from the Mission Hills Campus, departing at 8 am each morning. Those students will arrive at the Linda Vista Campus by 8:15 am. 

There will be no morning shuttle from Linda Vista Campus to Mission Hills neighborhood because of the age of the riders. 

Afternoon Shuttle
There will be one afternoon shuttle only from the Linda Vista Campus to the Mission Hills Campus. The afternoon shuttle will transport students from the Linda Vista Campus to the Mission Hills Campus. The shuttle will depart from the Linda Vista Campus Transportation Lot.

  • Option 1: If an Upper School student is not participating in the co-curricular block at the end of the day from 2:40 to 3:30 pm, they may take the 2:45 pm departure shuttle, arriving at the Mission Hills Campus at 3 pm.
  • Option 2: An additional shuttle is available at 3:45 pm for all other Middle and Upper School shuttle riders. The shuttle will arrive at 4 pm at the Mission Hills Campus.

There will be no afternoon shuttle from the Mission Hills Campus to Linda Vista Campus in the afternoon.



Please fill out one form per student using the inter-campus shuttle.
Note: The shuttle is only available to students in Grades 6-12 unless they are the children of faculty/staff.
Choose the transportation services you would like to register for using the options provided.