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Complete the form below to request transportation services. Once your request is received, it will be reviewed by the Transportation Manager and approved if space is available.

Pricing Information

For the 2020-2021 school year, Home-to-School bus transportation service will be available in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. For Home-to-School service, the annual fee is $1,500 per student or $2,400 per family. Beginning this year, Parker is offering the Home-to-School Late Bus service at no additional cost to the annual fee. There is no discount provided for one-way transportation. For Late Bus service only, the annual fee is $895 per student.

To register for the Inter-Campus Shuttle, please use this form. (Note: the Inter-Campus Shuttle is full for the 2020-2021 school year)

Questions? Contact the Transportation Department by email at for more information.

Enter the name(s) and grade level(s) of your child(ren) who will ride the bus.
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By registering for Parker’s bus transportation service, you and any other parents or guardians of your student understand and accept the following terms of service: 1. In the event your request for bus transportation services cannot be accommodated due to capacity limitations or other factors, you will be automatically placed on a waitlist and notified if space becomes available. 2. While Parker endeavors to accommodate all requests for bus transportation services, Parker cannot guarantee that a particular route will be offered. All routes are determined solely by Parker based on demand, capacity, and other operational factors. 3. In the event there are changes in demand, capacity, or other operational factors during the school year such that offering a particular route is no longer practical or possible, Parker reserves the right to suspend or cancel the route. 4. There is an unconditional financial obligation to pay the bus transportation fees when due according to the payment plan you select for tuition. Please note any applicable financial assistance credits for transportation services will be credited to your TADS billing account. 5. There will not be any refunds or credits issued for bus transportation fees in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal.* *2020-2021 year only. Due to a complete system revamp and improvement process, the latest date to decline transportation service with a full refund will be Aug. 7, 2020. This is due to system planning and alignment of staffing and other assets required for program efficiencies. Families that register after the Aug. 7, 2020 deadline will not be offered a refund if they don't utilize the service. By registering for Parker’s bus transportation service, you and any other parents or guardians of your student agree to be bound by Parker’s rules and regulations for bus transportation services, including limitations on oversized musical instruments, rolling backpacks, and other items that cannot be held on a student’s lap which may be necessary to comply with safety regulations. In the event Parker determines that your student is unable or unwilling to abide by Parker’s rules and regulations and/or routinely acts in a manner that compromises the safe operation of the bus, Parker reserves the right to suspend or cancel your student’s bus transportation service.

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