Athletic Training

Parker is recognized as a leader in protecting student-athletes from injury having received the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Safe Sports 1st Team School award in 2015.
Keeping student-athletes safe during physical education classes, team practices, and competition is a priority. Parker is one of the few schools in the county with a full-time certified athletic trainer on staff.
Athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. They are also involved in the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injured athletes. They educate athletes about how to avoid risks of injury.

The American Medical Association recognizes athletic trainers as healthcare professionals who help physicians to evaluate and treat athletes, help athletes maintain peak physical fitness, as well as prevent and treat injuries.

While school is in session, students may consult with the athletic trainer for urgent care, evaluations, treatment, rehabilitation, and referrals.

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Athletics Mission Statement

At Parker, we believe that athletics is an integral and valuable component of our students’ overall educational experience. We believe that student-athletes benefit not only physically and emotionally by participating and competing in sports, we believe that one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help student-athletes develop critical skills (e.g., teamwork, resilience, leadership, tenacity, etc.) that promote success in the classroom, in college and in life.

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