• (W) US Girls Soccer - Varsity

    2019 - 2020

    The girls soccer program strives to meet the needs of all girls looking to play the sport of soccer in high school, regardless of ability and experience. We are able to accomplish this goal through our school wide “no-cut” policy and school support for an experienced coaching staff. Players will be placed on the appropriate team (jv or varsity) annually based on their technical abilities, tactical understanding of the game, fitness level, and dedication to the sport/team.  From that point forward the program’s philosophy develops as follows:
    The jv program will focus mainly on basic skill development, from teaching the rules of the game all the way to enhancing passing, dribbling and finishing skills. Practices are run in a fun and instructive manner with weekly games against similarly skilled opponents. It is expected that students who attend practices play in weekly games.
    The varsity program is designed for students that play (or have played) competitive soccer on a year-round basis. The goal is to allow players to continue their skill development, gain a higher-level grasp on the tactical aspects of the game and strive to compete against any and all teams. Practices will look to be competitive and fast-paced, expecting a high level of commitment and dedication on the part of every player and coach. Playing time is aligned with the ability and effort of each player and needs of the team.
    Regardless of the level, all Francis Parker girls soccer players will be expected to always try their best, listen to and implement coaching instructions they receive, exhibit appropriate sportsmanship and conduct becoming of a Parker student, and to make sure they do their part to develop as a player. All coaches will be patient but firm teachers that are committed to making each player “better” by the end of each and every season. Together, players and coaches create a program that forms a lifelong bond and creates memories which transcend the high school experience. All while playing the world’s greatest game! 

Athletics Mission Statement

At Parker, we believe that athletics is an integral and valuable component of our students’ overall educational experience. We believe that student-athletes benefit not only physically and emotionally by participating and competing in sports, we believe that one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help student-athletes develop critical skills (e.g., teamwork, resilience, leadership, tenacity, etc.) that promote success in the classroom, in college and in life.

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