• (S) US Boys Baseball - Junior Varsity

    2019 - 2020

    The underlying philosophy behind the Parker Baseball Program is "...success through hard work." Starting with our 7th grade team and carrying through the varsity level, on any given day, you will see baseball players working to improve their skills. We use our batting cage, tees, soft toss, team defense, as well as position specific work, and numerous other drills to improve both our hitting and defense.

    The program starts in the Middle School with two teams that practice on a daily basis, with each team playing approximately ten to twelve games throughout the season. As the student athletes move into the high school, we offer competition on both the junior varsity and varsity levels. The teams are members of the Coastal League South but also participate in tournaments and non-league games that are challenging and competetive. On a yearly basis we try to schedule some of the best teams in both San Diego County and the Western United States. 

    As a coaching staff, we work hard to get players to understand both the game and their own individual abilities so they can reach their full potential as players and young men. As John Wooden once said, we try to build "character not characters." We want our players to leave the school knowing how to handle defeat as well as success so that they can take the lessons they learned on the field and incorporate them into their daily lives.

Athletics Mission Statement

At Parker, we believe that athletics is an integral and valuable component of our students’ overall educational experience. We believe that student-athletes benefit not only physically and emotionally by participating and competing in sports, we believe that one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help student-athletes develop critical skills (e.g., teamwork, resilience, leadership, tenacity, etc.) that promote success in the classroom, in college and in life.

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