Parker 7-22

The Snails March On

This spring, a beloved Senior Kindergarten tradition continued on through some creative virtual adaptations.

Welcome to the Famous Francis Parker Snail Circus!  Hold onto your hats because what you are about to see will certainly put the "ooh" back into your "awe!"

At the end of the school year, Senior Kindergarten continued a beloved Lower School tradition of hosting a "Snail Circus". Usually conducted in person, this years' circus was hosted on Parker Online featuring live snails that the students collected in their neighborhoods. The snail circus began with students first taking on the role of "Ringmaster" and creating different circus acts for their snail to complete. The tasks included: walking across a high beam (a pencil); walking up a paper plate; finding a flower; walking through a tunnel (a toilet paper roll); walking a straight line; and completing an obstacle course.

This class is so fun to teach!  I truly felt like the "Ring Master" as I presented the circus to the children.  Their faces were delightful as they used their imaginations to create the magic of a real snail circus.

Senior Kindergarten Teacher
The Snails March On