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Every year, Grade 1 through 5 students present theater productions for Parker parents that reflect topics they are learning in the literature or social studies curricula. Students in Grade 1 through 4 are given the chance to learn lines, cues and blocking and incorporate music and choreography. In Grade 5, students put their Design Thinking skills into practice by having the opportunity to create and direct their own play. Students write original scripts and lyrics, design and build sets and costumes, and create choreography. There are roles for every student in the class, and often the opportunity to assist with set design and playwriting. 


In the drama elective, students learn theater terminology, perform monologs and scenes, and perform in drama presentations at the end of the trimester. Grade 8 students learn about playwriting, directing, technical theater, and different acting techniques as well as perform in either a one-act play or an original piece at the end of each trimester. Students can take drama for one trimester or more.



The Upper School drama program builds on the techniques students learn in Middle School Drama. The program develops confidence, active listening, and advanced improvisational skills. Textual analysis of plays, as well as learning the techniques of creating a character, are emphasized. Students study the acting methods of Stanislavski, Adler, Hagen and Meisner, and perform two presentations throughout the school year. 

drama club

The Francis Parker Drama Club is an internationally renowned Grade 6-12 club. The club was formed to bring together students that share an interest and a passion for theatre, whether it is performing on stage or working behind the scenes. The club provides a safe place for students to come together and share their enjoyment for the performing arts.

Through the theatrical arts, it is the club’s aim to promote positive social interaction and a safe environment for learning. While we strive to foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts, we also acknowledge the educational power of theatre. Theater has the capacity to bring about change, provide a cathartic experience, and unify a community.

Tickets available now for Silent Sky!

The Drama Club invites you to the Upper School presentation of Silent SkySilent Sky is based on the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, an astronomer ahead of her time, who is credited with significant discoveries that eventually changed astronomy. Purchase tickets here.



Middle School students spend time exploring ballet, modern, jazz, improvisation, hip hop, and various cultural dances. In addition to performing group dances choreographed by their instructor, they are also taught cultural dances taught by guest instructors. By Grade 8, students have the opportunity to perform dances they choreographed on their own.


The Parker Dance Company provides an opportunity for advanced dancers at the Upper School level to learn advanced choreography that showcases their talents and features them in annual dance performances throughout the year, including Spring Arts Night and Progressive Steps, in which students have the opportunity to preform with a local, professional dance company. They perform group dances created by the instructor as well as work with their peers on creating original works.