Parker 7-22

NO BORING DAYS for over 100 years


...when imaginations are ignited,

assumptions are challenged,

and divergent minds collaborate…

magic happens.

Parker isn’t just a school.

It’s a home to students who hunger to test their intellectual horizons, to wield new abilities, and to plug into the world around them.

It’s a community that takes action, and where identities are celebrated.

It's where high expectations fuel personal evolution, and failure is seen as an opportunity to try again.

It’s a launching pad for "a-ha" moments, enduring friendships, and lifelong passions.

It’s where bravery is forged, curiosity becomes discovery, and dreams are conceived

as far as the mind can see.


Students First

Parker faculty are experts in their content field. More importantly, they are experts in student learning. Realizing that each student brings unique talents, interests, and areas for growth to the educational process, our decision making, curriculum planning, and student support is designed to ensure that students thrive as they develop into adulthood. We honor the privilege of meeting students “where they are” as they grow through our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. With the student’s own curiosity and natural ability as a starting point, we provide appropriate structure and guidance for each stage of their experience, with the end goal of graduating individuals who are independent and self-reliant lifetime learners.


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