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As a Parker Lower School student, your child will spark a lifelong love of learning, build a supportive community, master essential skills, and begin to discover their place in a larger world.

I have made many lifelong friends at the Lower School, but it has meant so much more to me than just that. Parker is a loving and caring community where each student is empowered to stretch their mind and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Grade 5 Student

a student-centered approach

What does a “students first” learning environment look like? At Parker’s Lower School, you’ll notice a high-degree of engagement and enthusiasm in all of our classrooms. Students are given a balance of individual and collaborative working time, moving from learning pods to one-on-one time with their instructors. Teachers provide ample opportunities for students to ask questions and research topics that are meaningful for each individual student.


character counts

Students have daily examples of character education set by our teachers and staff who model friendliness, compassion, understanding, and patience—and then help our students grow those values into lifelong “ways of being.” Guidance in treating others with kindness and respect, being a productive member of a group, learning to share, and valuing one’s space and belongings are all key lessons that form the basis of good citizenship.


no boring days

With 3 core classes and 11 specialist classes, every day at the lower school is filled with opportunities for students to joyfully learn, experiment, grow, and play. Parker’s Lower School weekly schedule is structured so that students develop the skills they need to thrive at the next grade, while also providing them with the time and resources to begin discovering their strengths and passions.


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Meet Dr. Gillingham

Head of Lower School

Every Monday through Friday morning, you'll find Head of Lower School Dr. Bob Gillingham giving every student a good-morning handshake as they walk through Parker's front gates. "We want every child to recognize that they are known, valued, and respected--from the moment they arrive at school," says Dr. G.

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